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We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble TS835 Total Station (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble TS835 Total Station (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

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The TrimbleTS835 Total Station is an advanced 5 second mechanical instrument with an integrated Microsoft Windows CE device running Trimble LM80 Layout Manager software.Designed for general and concrete contractors, the TS835 is uniquely able to perform a full range of positioning and layout tasks on the building construction job site. The TS835 instrument provides the user with a bright, easy to read, intuitive graphical interface without the need for an external controller. This reduces the number of hardware devices that require charging and syncing providing the user with a less complicated more user friendly tool.
Trimble TS835 Key Features:

• A high-performance mechanical total station designed for general and concrete contractors
• Includes an integrated Windows CE touch screen device; no external controller required
• Runs powerful Trimble LM80 Layout Manager software directly onboard
• Proven, precision optics and a fast, long-range EDM ensure precise aiming and accurate measurements
• Choose prism or reflectorless measurements

A Premium mechanical total station for building construction
The Trimble TS835 Total Station delivers the accuracy necessary for the layout of foundations, forms, and footers . Using the TS835 you can leverage digital data for layout to reduce mistakes and increase productivity, as well as check the accuracy of points set out by others.

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• Features of the rugged yet lightweight TS835 include: Superior 30x optics provide clear sighting and precise aiming, so you can keep working even in less-than-ideal lighting . Short- and long-distance focusing is faster .
• Measure to a single prism up to 5000m or use in a reflectorless mode to up to 300 m (984 ft) for either one- or two- person measurements .
• A Lumi-Guide or Tracklight can be turned on during stakeout to set points faster and more efficiently The bright lights emitted just below the telescope assists the rod person in finding the correct instrument alignment .
• USB High-Speed Data transfer port and support for USB memory sticks on side cover of instrument enable users to move data from device to device very easily

Streamlined Total station operation via integrated windows device
With its powerful fully integrated Windows CE touch screen interface, the TS835 streamlines workflow and makes its operation faster and easier . Its clear display and touch screen ensure an interface that is user friendly even when outdoor lighting is bright or very low .

By eliminating the need for an external controller, the TS835 spares you the additional cost, inconvenience, and management of external hardware and cables . And before operation, only one device—the instrument—must be charged .

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