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We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble TS215 Total Station (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble TS215 Total Station (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Sell Trimble TS215

The new Trimble TS215 is designed by Trimble and Nikon with user-friendly onboard software that adheres to the basic workflow processes and terminology of layout and general contractors. It is an affordable option for users who want a high performing mechanical total station to conduct their two-person building construction layout functions, including:

• Measuring angles and distances
• Turning to specific angles
• Setting out angles and distances
• Laying out building lines
• Setting point locations for concrete form placement
• Setting anchor bolts
• Establishing excavation lines

The TS215 is also scalable, and when connected with the optional Trimble LM80 controller, it offers full construction layout capabilities, graphical display, and blueprint entry.

Trimble TS215 Total Station Features & Benefits

In addition to the above layout functionality, the TS215 offers:

Selling TS215

Highly reliable and proven design: Excellent performance in the field under the most challenging construction environments

Affordability: Includes onboard layout programs with additional capabilities when connected to a data collector, making it a high performance total station at an affordable price

Works like a digital transit with an electronic tape measure: Field personnel are up and running immediately, minimal learning curve.

Works with 4 AA rechargeable batteries : Convenient power system. Always working – no down time due to unit not being charged

Accurate distance and measurement capability with a simple interface : Contractors can now take control oftheir own layout needs without relying on a third party

TS215 Applications:

Point to Point Distance Measurement – Continuous
Point to Point Distance Measurement – Radial
Layout to a Point
Reference Line Measurement

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