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We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble SPS610 Robotic Total Station (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble SPS610 Robotic Total Station (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

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With cable-free operation in Autolock, Servo or Robotic modes, the Trimble SPS610 Total Station is the straightforward solution for site measurement, stakeout, and reflectorless measurement needs. This versatility provides the contractor with an easy-to-set up, easy-to-use positioning sensor that increases productivity in the field.

The SPS610 Total Station takes very little setup time and requires only two known points to establish position and orientation. Not only does the SPS610 Total Station provide superior tracking, but the single-person robotic operation increases cost savings and productivity.

Trimble SPS610 Key Features:

DR Standard reflectorless measurement capability allows high accuracy measurement to vertical surfaces and inaccessible points without the risk and delay of a sending a person to dangerous locations.
Trimble MagDrive™ servos provide unmatched instrument turning and tracking speeds
Trimble SurePoint™ technology auto-corrects instrument pointing formislevelment so you’ll always capture accurate 3D information
Unique Trimble MultiTrack™ technology allows operation with conventional prisms or active targets
Servo controls and telescope focus are located on the instrument side panel, providing convenient, ergonomic, one handed operation
Long battery life allows over six hours robotic operation on one smart lithium ion battery

Selling SPS610

Precise Measurement
The Trimble SPS610 Total Station is a 5” instrument in both the horizontal and vertical angles. Available in Servo, Autolock, or Robotic models, it offers DR Standard for precise prism and reflectorless distance measurement and an Autolock and Robotic range of 300 meters in any direction from the instrument.

Trimble Multitrack Technology
The SPS610 Total Station allows you to assign a unique target identifier to the target being used providing you with the confidence that the instrument will lock and track only the correct target. All other reflective objects and targets on the jobsite are ignored, guaranteeing no operation interruptions or incorrect measurements.

Market-leading Trimble Technology
Exclusive Trimble MagDrive™ servos provide quiet, effortless operation and the fastest, most responsive and accurate tracking available today. Unique Trimble SurePoint™ technology autocorrects instrument pointing for mislevelment and internal calibrations in real time. You will never again record information only to find that your instrument wasn’t level.

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