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We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble 5601 Total Station 5600 Series (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble 5601 Total Station 5600 Series (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

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Key Features and Benefits
• Autolock and Robotic Surveying for increased productivity
• 4-speed servo
• Active search system
• Seamless data flow
• Choice of User Interfaces
Servo-driven, highly productive measuring system upgradable to Autolock and Robotic surveying
The Trimble 5600 Total Station series gives you access to the best and most productive measuring methods available—for every measuring situation—for unas-sisted operation.

Servo gives you a 30% productivity increase The 5600 series is equipped with 4-speed servo operation that gives variable speed, faster, smoother and more accurate aiming. Servo is the platform for measurement automation and for further upgrades to increased productivity.

Upgrade to Autolock and the productivity increase is 50%
Autolock ™ technology enables semi-robotic operation, with mea-suring and recording taking place at the total station. The 5600 series seeks out the RMT target (Active Remote Measuring Target), locks to it, and follows it during movement between points. No fine adjustments needed, no focusing, no problems working in the dark (the instrument will locate the target in any situation), and no work-related injuries from constant turning of the total sta-tion. In most cases the Autolock feature makes it possible to stake out and gather survey data as fast as the rodman can move.

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Upgrade to Robotic and the productivity increase is 80%
Robotic operation offers the same advantages as Autolock— in addition, it allows you to work on your own. Robotic measuring offers more than increased productivity and reduced personnel costs. It also gives higher quality measure-ments—all the control initia-tion and registering take place at the measuring point, where any errors or discrepancies are quickly identified.

Combine Robotic with DR200+ to double productivity
The long -range Direct Reflex EDM system (DR200+) option on the 5600 series allows you to measure up to 600 meters against a white object and 200 meters against Kodak Grey (the interna-tional standard to determine the range of reflectorless total sta-tions). That’s 3.3 times further than any other reflectorless total station! And the range using a single prism is 5.5 kilometers. Combining DR200+ capability with robotic operation results in the ultimate total station.

True Integrated Surveying
There are situations where mea-suring by GPS is more productive than by using a conventional total station, and vice versa. Trimble Integrated Surveying ™ solutions offer you the best of both worlds. Simply move the control unit from one system to the other in a matter of seconds and go on with your survey. The software environment is identical and the data flow seamless

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