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We Buy / Sell Your – Sokkia SET530R3 Reflectorless Total Station (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Sokkia SET530R3 Reflectorless Total Station (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Sell Sokkia SET530R3

The 30R series is very narrow, visible red laser truly sets it apart. With its small diameter, the laser dots and accurately measures difficult positions such as small objects, edges of walls, or targets located at a steep angle. Telescope Fully transmitting, Coaxial sighting and distance measuring optics.

* Ability to measure through obstacles such as fences and trees
* Compatibility with prisms for long-term measures
* High-precision reflectorless distance measuring with a narrow visible layer
* Superior performance in tough environments

SET530R3 uses a visible red laser to facilitate quick and easy observation. The beam is very narrow and can accurately determine the position measurement. The 530R3 accurately measure narrow objects, edges of walls or targets located at a steep angle, and even through fences or trees measures, allowing measurements to total stations with broader laser beams can not perform. Without the aid of a reflector of over 100m 530R steps every 1.3 seconds with an accuracy of 3 mm + 2 ppm. If using a glass prism, the interval is increased to 5.000 m 2 mm _2ppm accuracy. All this performance is possible thanks to an easy to handle insurance Class 2 laser beam.

Sokkia SET530R3 has a range of new devices that make the instrument easy to use. Continuously pressing the light key, the Series 30R omits a visible laser beam for the observation of the target without measuring the distance. This allows an operator to confirm the measuring point without looking through the telescope. The screen icons indicate the type of lens used for measurement: glass prism or reflective sheet lithium ion batteries and a small reflector provide up to 10 hours of measurement

Selling SET530R3

SET530R3 Specifications:

· Telescope Fully transmitting, Coaxial sighting and distance measuring optics.
· Magnification 30x
· Resolving power 2.5″
· Field of view 1°30″ (26m/1,000m)
· Minimum focus 1.3m (4.3ft)
· Angle measurement Photoelectrical absolute rotary encoder scanning. Both circles adopt diametrical detection.
· Unit H&V Degree / Gon / Mil, selectable
· Display resolutions H&V 1″ / 5″, 0.2mgon/1mgon, 0.005 mil, selectable
· Accuracy (ISO12857-2 1997) H&V SET530R3 – 5″ (1.5mgon)
· Measurement mode H:Clockwise / Counterclockwise, 0 set, Hold, angle input, repetition,   available V:Zenith 0°, Horizontal 0° ±, slope in %, selectable
· Automatic dual-axis-compensator Range: ±3′ (±55mgon), “out-of-range ” warning        display provided
· Distance measurement Modulated laser, Laser diode, Coaxial EDM transmitting and receiving optics (IEC Class 3R, FDA Class 3R laser)

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